After a very busy Summer, with a beautiful trip to Hungary and Galizia, I arrived back in New York late August to do my last semester for receiving my master’s degree in Jazz Performance and Composition. The arrival was a little bit delayed due to Hurricane irene, but everything went fine.

Immediately I was involved in many sessions and a lot of playing. but also school held some interesting parts. In history class I could enjoy listening to the story’s of 84-Jazz veteran, Dr. Howard Brofsky, who still plays a beautiful cornet and runs a great jam session in Brooklyn every second sunday. He heard Charlie Parker and all those Jazz-Greats, he was witness of many conversations and drinking sessions between Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster. and so forth. you can imagine how that feels.

At those sessions I had the pleasure to play with some of the finest musicians, for example at the Vandoren Jam, I could exchange some ideas with the great Mark Gross.

Also I had a session with the great young trumpet player Philip Dizack. make sure you check him out, he is amazing. There I also met a young drummer, Jason Burger, who blew my mind. We’ll play a show together on October 5th, you should check it out! Same goes for Jorn Swart, probably one of the finest young piano players from Holland, also listen to his music if you have a minute.

Other good news hail from overseas. As our release tour approaches, we are receiving some nice reviews of our new cd. It’s also played in many radio stations across Germany and also the Netherlands as I got to know. Stay tuned and check our concert listing. I’ll post some of the reviews soon. Hope to see you on some of our shows in November. Take Care!

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