Tobias Meinhart - Brooklyn Aliens

Brooklyn Aliens

Intergalactic jazz for our transnational age.
– Alex W. Rodriguez, NPR Music

The Brooklyn Aliens are a Brooklyn-based collective made up of five jazz musicians from four different countries. Tobias Meinhart from Germany, Gianni Gagliardi and Yago Vazquez from Spain, Lars Ekman from Sweden and Rodrigo Recabarren from Chile all left their native countries to pursue music careers in New York City, eventually being granted artist visas which define each of them as an “alien with extraordinary ability.”

The music of Brooklyn Aliens ranges from modern jazz to contemporary classical to groovy dance music, with each member contributing original compositions. Since most members are multi-instrumentalists (Meinhart and Gagliardi switch seamlessly between saxophone, clarinet, and flute, while Ekman plays both upright and electric bass and Vazquez and Recabarren utilize a variety of different keyboard and percussion instruments) the ensemble has very few limitations and never ceases to be engaging, challenging and accessible all at once.

The Brooklyn Aliens currently play throughout the New York Area and are planning an extensive CD Release Tour for 2017.

There is so much to discover, for example an elegiac ballad like “Childhood” by saxophonist Tobias Meinhart that soars to majestic elegance.
– R.Thomas, Jazzthing 2016

Personnel: Tobias Meinhart – tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet; Gianni Gagliardi – tenor & soprano saxophones, flute; Yago Vazquez – piano, rhodes; Lars Ekman – double & electric bass; Rodrigo Recabarren – drums & percussion.

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